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Welcome to RD Marketing Solutions! This company was founded with a vision: to establish one of the premier digital marketing firms in the West. And guess what? We're well on our way!

So, what sets us apart? It's simple:

We specialize in crafting innovative digital marketing strategies for businesses striving to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Here's a startling fact: only a mere 17% of companies have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. With over 90% of people using the internet daily, that's an enormous pool of potential customers being overlooked!

Companies That Trust Us

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Social media brilliance

Transform followers into advocates through engaging content and community management.

digital advertising excellence

Unleash brand potential with precision-targeted ad campaigns for maximum ROI.

email marketing mastery

Nurture leads and drive conversions with personalized, impactful email campaigns.

creative graphic design

Elevate your brand aesthetics with captivating and strategic designs.


RD's 3 Step  Success Program

Identify your need.

We are not like other digital marketing companies. We're not gonna sell you services that just wont work for you. The first step is to analyze your company and determine EXACTLY what services will grow your business and achieve your goals. We're not after your money, were after your success.


Create a plan of attack.

This is where we create our plan of attack. Now that we've identified your problem, its time to plan out the solution. With your insights and inputs, we will custom tailor our services to work for YOU.


Time for action.

Looks like were ready to deploy the troops! Now that we have found the services and plan that work for you, its time to get started! Just let us know when to roll out, and your growth journey begins.


All you have to do now is book your first call to get the program started. Are you ready?


Amber Noakes, CMO at BarterFirst

"Do you want more engaged customers? Customers who spend more on your products or services? 
I highly recommend RD Marketing Solutions. For over 2 years, RD has been handling all of our email marketing. They make sure our members know all the latest offerings and create emails that are compelling, attractive and - most of all - GET RESULTS.

Richard is knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with. 

If you are a busy business owner looking to outsource any aspect of your digital marketing, I highly recommend RD Marketing."

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