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Cascadia Pro Contracting

Cascadia Pro Contracting aimed to attract new clients and enhance brand perception through targeted lead generation and brand refresh.

1. Facebook Ads:
   - Targeted campaigns generated leads by showcasing Cascadia Pro's services and expertise to potential clients.

2. Website Redesign:
   - A user-friendly website with clear calls-to-action improved conversions and engagement.

3. Logo Rebrand:
   - A modernized logo and branding reflected professionalism and innovation.

4. Collateral Creation:
   - Professionally designed business cards and brochures supported offline marketing efforts.

- Increased Leads: Facebook ads generated 4 leads per day at $15 cost per lead with a $60 daily ad spend achieving a 5x monthly ROI.

- Enhanced Brand Image: The rebranding efforts improved Cascadia Pro's credibility and professionalism.
- Improved Conversion: The redesigned website saw higher conversion rates and increased inquiries.

By implementing strategic lead generation tactics and refreshing its brand identity, Cascadia Pro Contracting successfully expanded its customer base and improved brand perception, positioning itself for continued success in the renovation industry.



PicassHome Painting

Picass Home Painting (10).png

Objective: Increase customer base through effective lead generation via Facebook ads.


  • Targeted Facebook Ads: Developed and launched a series of ads aimed at homeowners needing painting services.

  • Creative Design: Crafted engaging and visually appealing ad creatives showcasing Picasshome Painting’s exceptional work.

  • Audience Segmentation: Utilized precise audience targeting to reach potential clients in the Vancouver area.


  • Cost Per Lead: Achieved an impressive $15 cost per lead.

  • Conversion Rate: The ads effectively converted leads into paying customers, significantly boosting the client base.

  • ROI: Delivered a high return on investment, making the ad spend highly efficient and productive.


Conclusion: Our strategic approach to Facebook advertising not only brought in high-quality leads at a low cost but also helped Picasshome Painting establish a stronger market presence, leading to increased business and sustained growth.

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